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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In St. Paul

Are you thinking of replacing the locks at your home? In the past, you needed to use ordinary keyed locks. However, if you want the most high-tech, you should install a smart locking solution that will integrate into your security system.

One question: Are smart locks worth it in St. Paul? Or is this an example of squandering your cash on unnecessarily complex gadgets?

Ordinary Locks Compared to Smart Locks in St. Paul

When it comes to locking systems, you will find plenty of options. But the majority of entryways are secured by either a deadbolt and handle lock combination, a keypad system, or a smart locking system. Engage a conventional deadbolt, and the cylinder extends into a strike plate on the frame. The bolts have the option of being a door handle lock that’s spring-loaded, which makes it harder to pry open with a a tool like a crowbar. If you would rather not fiddle around with a traditional keyed lock, you can install a keypad system that activates the bolt with the use of a 3-4 button pin code.

Smart locks are interlinked systems that replace your standard deadbolt and door handle. In the same fashion as a touchpad solution, you enter a PIN code to gain access. But with a smart lock, you will be able to link up to your property’s wireless network or home security system to do more. By using a phone app, you are given the chance to:

● Lock and unlock doors remotely

● Create unique PIN numbers for friends and family

● Receive a phone text if someone unlocks the door

● Create limited-time PIN numbers for occupants

When Are Smart Locks Worth It In St. Paul?

If you are thinking about using a single or maybe two smart locks as replacements for your ordinary locks, you may or may not think they are worth the effort. It would be convenient to unlock your doors remotely, but the make and model play a big role in how reliable they will be. When installing an independent device, make sure that your smart lock utilizes 128-bit encryption and has a cell phone app that's frequently updated.

But you should know, the real advantage of a smart lock is found when you link it to your property’s complete security package. This creates the ability of having your locks interact with other security devices to upgrade your home’s defense while making your life easier. For instance, when your smart doorbell camera senses a visitor coming up to your home, your smart locks have the ability to automatically lock. You can also initiate geotracking on your phone’s security app and have your doors automatically unlock as you turn onto your driveway. You may even want to set off an alarm if a visitor attempts to enter the wrong lock code numerous times.

Essentially, a smart lock is worth it in St. Paul when you link it to your overall home security!

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