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November 29, 2021

Top Five Home Security Questions For St. Paul

Home security can seem intimidating, especially when you put home automation and 24/7 monitoring into the equation. Here’s a few answers to our top 5 home security questions in St. Paul. From preventing burgulary to chosing the right smart device, here's how to keep your home safer.

What Should You Want To Stop Intrusions?

It will come as no shock that one of the best methods to stop break-ins is to install a home security system in St. Paul. Studies shows that burgulars are much less likely to go after properties with an alarm system in place. A security system allows you to protect your windows and doors, and your round-the-clock monitoring team will answer a triggered sensor. Add components like smart locks and home security cameras for added protection.

How Do Most Burglars Break Into Your House?

Safety studies note that intruders enter unlawfully through the front entryway about 30% of the time. Ground-floor windows and back doorways are also at risk. And it’s also more likely that burglaries occur during a normal day when you are at work and the kids are at school.

Are DIY Home Security Systems Worthwhile?

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